Registration End

How to start

How to join the competition

  1. finish the registration;
  2. create or join a team;
  3. We recommend all participants to join our QQ group, for discussion and consultation.
  4. Chinese participants can follow public wechat account AETA 地震研究 to receive notifications and news of the competition.
  5. International participants can follow Facebook AETA-Forecasting Earthquakes to receive notifications and news of the competition.

How to get data

  1. download training data, readme documents and real-time data on ‘DOWNLOAD’ page by click the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button manually;
  2. or click the ‘DOWNLOAD WITH TOKEN’ button on ‘DOWNLOAD’ page, and then create your own TOKEN and follow the guide to download data automatically.

How to construct model

The organizer prepared a baseline model for your reference. Please it and run it according to read me file.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

How to submit

There is a “My Prediction” page. The prediction submission and the error calculation of each week will be displayed. Each team can submit their prediction manually on this page. And they can submit their result through TOKEN as well which will be explained in the Baseline.

Reference for modeling

The organizer prepared some documents for teams, including the introduction of AETA project, the research papers from AETA team, and the winners' reports of the First AETA Earthquake Prediction AI Algorithm Competition. For Your Reference.